A family business established in 1975

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The 'wear & tear' components that are replaced with original equipment These parts are tested, cleaned, machined and finished in their original colours

Your engine is in safe hands

When you leave a vehicle or engine with us, what happens to it? You can rest assured that your engine is in good hands!

What happens to Our Engines

Firstly, core engines are removed from our warehouse and completely stripped allowing each component to pass through our cleaning department. Using the latest methods of abrasive and chemical cleaning along with specialist automated machinery, all reusable parts are thoroughly cleaned.

Parts that require machining then pass through our machine shop and are firstly subject to strict testing. Using modern machinery, (for instance our new automated cylinder boring machine costing over £40,000) we machine parts back to the manufacturers tolerances. Cylinder heads are pressure or crack tested and the surface, valve guides, valves and valve seats are all machined or replaced as appropriate. Cylinder blocks are crack tested, bored and honed as necessary.
Crankshafts are checked for alignment, reground and micro-polished. These parts are then once again cleaned, external surfaces are finished back into their original colours, and then meet up with the rest of the engines parts in our assembly department.

The internal parts that are subject to wear and tear are replaced by new original equipment and approved parts. This means parts such as piston assemblies, crankshaft bearings, timing gear and gaskets are replaced in every engine unit, bringing your engine back to the manufacturers original specification. Each engine carries its own assembly record, documenting its progress and ensuring each process is checked and independently verified.


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