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A Mercedes V12 diesel engine after remanufacturing

How We remanufacture an engine

No matter what kind of engine we are dealing with, we always follow the same process. Starting with the old worn engine we then dismantle, strip and clean.

Following this we test and re-engineer whatever parts necessary before finally cleaning and then re-assembling the engine.

The result is a fully working, remanufactured engine.

The Remanufacturing Process

1. Old worn engine

2. Dismantling of old engine

3. Specialised cleaning process for re-usable components

4. Cylinder head cleaning

5. Cylinder head testing and cleaning

6. Crankshaft testing, re-engineering, polishing and cleaning

7. Cylinder block testing, reboring, honing and cleaning

8. Cylinder head assembly

9. Engine assembly with new components

10. Remanufactured engine

Remanufacturing process


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