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remanufactured engines make sense

An engine that we remanufacture will provide you with many more years of service, providing you with performance and lengthening the life of your vehicle.

This makes a remanufactured engine an excellent choice in terms of helping you get more mileage from yoour vehicle, providing a cost effective alternative to a replacement.

Why Our Engines Make Sense

Owing to the remarkable engineering behind a Mercedes-Benz the car quite often outlasts the original engine. Our remanufactured engines mean you can enjoy many years more motoring from the car you know and trust, as opposed to having to buy an expensive new car.

If you have a serious engine problem, it is difficult to say exactly what is needed without disassembling the engine and although it may be possible to repair it, when the necessary labour, (remove engine, strip, clean, rebuild and refit), and parts are added up, it usually works out cheaper to do a straight forward engine swap. This also gives the extra peace of mind that every component in the engine has been manufactured or replaced as opposed to a few parts in an engine repair. With a remanufactured engine you know exactly what costs and quality is involved before you start.

why a remanufactured engine?

There are other choices ranging from second-hand to reconditioned or brand new but only a remanufactured engine strikes the balance between quality and value for money. However, the price of other remanufactured or new engines can outweigh the cost of the vehicle. Conversely, if you added up the cost of replacing the parts necessary to give an engine years of service you will see that it is impossible to replace the pistons etc for the price of cheaper engines.

Our remanufactured engine will give years of service and is the only realistically priced type of engine that is built to a standard which will give it a life and performance comparable to that of a new engine. The proof is in the statistics : we remanufacture around 1000 engines each year.


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